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3...2...1... BLAST OFF!

CHECK THIS OUT!!!! A couple weeks back, we got the chance to bring our EPIC balloons to the Intrepid Museum when they had their Kids Week! With our friend Tommi May (go check her out!) we made a GIANT SPACE SHUTTLE out of balloons! Throughout the week, we taught kids how to make some simple balloon sculptures, including over 5,000 classic balloon dogs. They made red, yellow, and orange dogs, and then we attached them to the bottom of the space shuttle like fire coming out of the jet engines!

Click here to see a time lapse video of us creating the space shuttle! We've also got some different angles here.

We love getting to create interactive balloon sculptures where we can get everyone involved with the process. If you've got an idea for an EPIC event, or if you want to book us for any of our creative packages, reach out now and we can noodle it together!

Have an epic day!!

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